Course curriculum

    1. Defining your blog concept

    2. Setting up and branding your blog

    3. What makes a great blog post?

    4. Building up blog content

    5. The basics of SEO

    6. Successful social media

    7. Mastering Instagram

    1. Making money from blogging and social media

    2. Working with brands

    3. How blogger press trips work

    4. Creating a kickass media kit

    5. Exactly what to charge for blog and social media work

    6. How to flag sponsored work

    1. My top tip for aspiring writers

    2. What makes a fantastic story?

    3. Building up your bylines

    4. How to find the right publication to pitch to

    5. Brushing up on photography

    6. Welcome to the pitching process

    7. My top tips for brilliant pitches

    1. How to make a living as a writer

    2. Get networking

    3. How press trips work

    4. Getting paid

    5. How to pitch a non-fiction book

    1. Thank you!

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